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This is my final essay, so need clearly citation. No plagiarize. Need to use at least one citation from the book link that I provided.

Writing requirement:

Please select ONE !!!!! of the following essay questions, response should be a minimum of 850!! words. No limits on the citation number, but need to have clear citation. No plagiarize. I post the in-class text book link, please check, use at least one citation from the book. Here is the link:…

1) Describe the subfield of zooarchaeology. What types of materials do zooarchaeologists analyze, and what types of information do they obtain through their analyses?


2) What is the difference between processual and post-processual archaeology? Describe how and when these theoretical perspectives emerged and their influence on how scholars interpret the archaeological record.

Please download the link. there is a lot of useful information from the book, and you can search the word in the ebook. Can easily find useful information.

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