Bank management

Bank Management

Homework assignment Chapter 15 – Capital Management (Due November 16th)

Using SNL, Find 5 Small Banks (less than 100 million), 5 mid-sized banks (100 Million – 1 Billion), and 5 large banks (greater than 1 Billion). Link to Bank Names based on asset size:

Search for the Bank name and click on the Capital Management tab under the balance sheet analysis tab. (SNL Classic tab)

Click on the graph at the bottom for Total Risked Based Capital Ratio.

Under the period tab, choose Last 7 years

You will see a graph which shows you the capital ratio history and the history for the banks peer group.

Answer the Discussion Question

  • 1)Do you see a difference in the capital ratios of small, mid-sized, and large banks,
  • 2)Do you see a difference in the trends?
  • 3)Why do you think you see a difference?

Please discuss in detail, you can use your book and other resources to find the differences between large banks and small banks.

Just as a reminder:




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