High Noon Easy 250 words 3 question discussion and response 100 word each to two posts posted below

Do you think this film would be popular with today’s audiences? Why or why not? How could it be more popular with today’s audiences? What was the main reason – or what were the main reasons – you liked or didn’t like the film?

Discussion question 1 to respond to

With today’s audience In my opinion “High Noon” will not be popular especially with the young generation. One of the main reasons that I think will not attract audience to this film because of the black and white filming which can’t be compared with today’s movies. I think the one way that the movie can be popular with today’s audiences is to colorize the movie instead of black and white. In my opinion I think this is the best way to make the movie popular again because the movie “High Noon” is a interesting film story that is filled with action and drama and thats why I like the film.

discussion questions 2

I feel the film as it is would not be more popular with todays audiences due to it moving to slow. Todays audiences want to go to the movies and leave feeling entertained. Only art house fans would enjoy a film of this type today. Not enough face paced action occurred to draw in the audience of today. However, Mrs. Ramirez could go on to star in her own spin off that I believe would be popular with today’s audiences due to her being an immigrant and a successful business owner at the same time. She embodies the true American Dream. Coming from an immigrant family myself I was able to connect with her character quickly.

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