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1-On November 6, 2018 all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the 100 Senators will be up for re-election On average, 95% of incumbents in Congress are re-elected. Do you think this low turnover negatively affects Congress’s ability to make decisions or pass legislation? Why or why not? Do you think higher turnover in the House and the Senate would have a positive impact on Congress, specifically our current Congress, and improve decision-making? Why or why not?(100 words )

2–What are the positive and negative aspects of the American government system? BE SPECIFIC in your response meaning you are to discuss specific attributes of the system that you find positive and negative. Is this a system of government that other countries should try to emulate? Why or why not? Your response should be 300 words.

3-Do you think it is necessary for every country to be “democratic” in order for stability to exist in the World? Should democratic nations be “pushing” democracy on undemocratic nations? Why or why not? ( 200 words )

please don’t use any outside sources when addresing the qoustions.

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