Project Proposal(min 150 words/max 300 words)

Use the questions asked below (Overview of a Project assignment) to create an overview of this proposed project.

Develop a project overview that addresses the following questions.(min 150 words/max 300 words)

  • What were the mission and objectives of the project?
  • What were the high-level tasks or scope of the project?
  • How was the need for the project identified?
  • What was the cost, and how was it funded?
  • What was the timeline?
  • Who were the parties involved in the project, and what were the roles of each party (team) member?
  • What steps did you establish to ensure the project was a success?
  • How did you measure the success of your project?
  • Overall, how did project management help to make this project a success?

    ****READ the attached paper and use the same company. add in-text citation and references you use

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