Revised Assignment

I need help fixing up the assignment with the notes the instructor left. Attached is the assignment originally done.

ROUGH DRAFT FEEDBACK: , you have gathered some useful and credible sources here, although I have a hard time seeing how this topic is unified and narrow enough for a literature review. The fact that you are using books rather than articles indicates to me that your topic is still too broad; these sources do not seem to cover a narrow enough area for a literature review. Here are some things to work on for the final draft: indent the titles of journals; include a critical analysis of each source (explaining why the source would be useful for your literature review); in some entries, journal titles seem to be missing, along with volume #, page numbers, and “doi” or “retrieved from”; the entire document should be double-spaced (do not add extra spaces); titles of articles do not belong in quotes. Please review correct APA format by looking at the materials in our classroom or on the online Purdue OWL.

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