World History Lesson Plan

Designing social studies instruction that integrates the arts
provides a unique opportunity to align content standards to more
creative demonstrations of knowledge and skills. The purpose of this
assignment is to practice this integration while designing a complete,
robust standards-based lesson plan.

Review the “Class Profile” to inform this assignment.

Select an elementary grade level, world history standard, and arts
standard of your choice. Using the “Class Profile” and the COE Lesson
Plan Template, found in the Student Success Center, write a complete
lesson plan that includes:

  • Integration of social studies and the arts.
  • Planned questions at a variety of DOK levels that engage complex thinking.
  • Incorporation of a media or technology resource that encourages creativity.
  • Authentic summative assessment.

After designing the lesson plan, reflect upon your instructional choices in 250-500 words.

Submit your lesson plan and reflection together. APA format and plagiarism free.

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