change and edit final paper

i wrote my final paper but the professor wants me to change some little things in the paper and do more research look what he said to me then edit on the same paper i need you to add and change in the same paper that i will submit

at the end under “Fine Research of the three types of Countries” add The United States, Germany, and France as they are rich countries . add India as a poor country. middle income countries countries like Brazil or Turkey. then write for each each the GDP PER CAPITAL , and how rich is the country , what is the population for this country why is it considered as rich or middle or poor , how strict is the environmental law in this country and how much pollution do they have and why .

  • At the start of your conclusion you should have a list of the countries you compare. In the list, say the name of each country, the average income in the country, and the pollution level. This will make for an easy comparison.

I advise you to have a friend, or a peer tutor at the writing center, help revise this for grammar.

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