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The Writing Process:

1. Define the assignment

2. Research—read and ask questions

3. Brainstorm—articulate concepts and ideas

4. Outline—organize ideas

5. Write the essay

6. Review, critique, and edit


Using APA style (Owl Purdue), write roughly 4 pages (900 to 1200) words on one of the topics below. Prompt #4 has a different writing requirement (read that prompt for details).


1) Analyze Paulo Freire’s concept of education from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and Jane Martin’s theEducated Person. According to these sources, what is the purpose of education? Are these sources in agreement or disagreement about the “why” and the “how” of education? What greater synthesis, or definition, of education can you generate from having interpreted all two sources? How does this synthesis, this interpretation, inform your concept of education?

2) Analyze Jane Martin’s concept of education from The Educated Person. According to Martin, what is the purpose of education? How are the disciplines (academic fields of study) “genderized”? What greater synthesis, or definition, of education can you generate from having interpreted Martin’s ideas? How does this synthesis, this interpretation, inform your concept of education?

3) Drawing upon Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Jane Martin’s The Educated Person as sources, write about oppressive forces you have experienced in education. What were the philosophical or ideological underpinnings of the education you received? Was the oppression explicit or “hidden”? In your opinion (informed by research), whatcould be done to resolve the problem you experienced ineducation?

4) For those of you who are more artistically inclined, create a work of art (music, comic book, comic, video, drawing, short-story, painting, poem, etc.) that captures the theme of education and one or more of the following themes:Indoctrination, Resistance, Democracy, Freedom, Liberation, Racism, Prison, The Status Quo, Wealth Inequality, Gender Bias, Slavery, Technology, Social Class, History, Philosophy, Opportunity Inequality, or Politics. Choose either Paulo Freire or Jane Martin to cite in your work of art. Your work is to be submitted to LiveText (the 2-paged paper plus a photo of your artwork). As an additional requirement, you will display your creation to the class informally and briefly as well as produce a two-page summary of your work that connects the work to the readings. On this document, you must also have a citation page that adheres to APA formatting. The summery should include a description of your artwork, a detailed explanation about how the artwork relates to the themes we are covering in the readings and class, as well as a description of the creative process you underwent.

5) Create a play (develop characters and write a script) by take license of the ideas found in the readings or class discussions to make a point about a current problem in education. Make a statement about education and society today. The script you create ought to contain roughly 1500 words and be academic in nature, meaning you should make references to the readings and class videos/discussions. You can make these references in footnotes to the script. Your script also must contain a works cited. The corresponding presentation for this assignment will involve presenting to the class an overview of your story (the setting, the characters, the themes, how the themes relate to the course). Have copies of your script ready for distribution so that volunteers from class can act out your play. Your part will be the narrator and stage setter.

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