European Nantionalism

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1. Who was the first Tudor king? How many times was King Henry VIII married? Why did Henry VIII want a divorce from Catherine of Aragon? What was the Act of Supremacy? Which two women did King Henry VIII marry for political reasons? Which two wives of Henry VIII were killed?

2. What were the names of Henry VIII’s three children?

3. Why was Mary Tudor called Bloody Mary? Why was Elizabeth I one of the greatest English rulers in history?

4. Whose marriage united Spain? What was the Reconquista? What was the purpose of the Church court of Inquisition? How did the Church court of Inquisition get people to confess? What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition?

5. What were the Jews in Spain required to do in 1492? Why did the expulsion of the Jews and the Muslims hurt the economy of Spain and Portugal?

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