I need to form a game plan paper (2 pages) for my next proposal essay providing some ideas attached.

write as the following instructors and use the attached files to answer some of the questions (the journal & the easy writing). for the (Experience With Writing) you can improvise some for the goals but it should be related to writing. I chose it in the writing journal file, use the idea presented there and add if needed.

the following is the instructor requirements:

This is your chance to let me know a little bit more about you, your writing history, and your goals for the class. Consider using the headings below to organize your response. Your response does not need to be one cohesive essay; instead, it can be numbered or sectioned. Your response should be at least 1 ½ pages double-spaced.

Experience With Writing

Please tell me about an experience that you have had with writing.

This can be positive or negative. It can be with formal or informal writing. For example, you can tell me about a great (or terrible) paper that you wrote. You can tell me about a tweeting mishap, or you can tell me about a tweet of yours that got retweeted a million times. I just want to find out more about you and your thoughts on writing.

Goals for the Course

Please come up with two content-related goals for this semester (i.e. not grade-related; I’m assuming everyone wants to get an A).

As you think about your writing experience, also consider what you want to achieve this semester. What aspect of writing or critical thinking do you want to improve? Some example topics are: a better understanding of analysis, thesis statements, topic sentences, quote integration, research, revision, critical and close reading, and so forth.

Additionally, I want you to look at the “Top Twenty” errors in Easy Writer (p. 1-11). Choose two of them that you would like to address in your own writing.


Propose the topic that you would like to focus on this semester.

  1. Come up with an objective research question about your topic from this week’s learning module (week 1).
  2. Use the information from Writing Journal 1 to answer why you’re interested in this, what questions you have about it, and how this relates to your personal life.

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