Interview Questions

Need about 300 word answers for each questions for roughly around 2700 words total for the paper.

Please answer the questions as though your are going for an interview as an executive manager with a Fortune 500 company. Looking for answers that included organizational leadership, sig sigma, and conceptions from business management.


1.Tell us
about the one assignment you’ve have that best prepared you to serve as a
Executive Manager. What were you duties in this assignment

2.Tell us
about an especially complex field situation you responded to as a supervisor.
What made

3.What will
you do your first week as a Executive Manager to establish yourself as a

4.Which of
your past assignments best allowed you to exercise your leadership abilities?
How did your leadership ability help you in meeting the unit’s goals?

5.Tell us
about a time when you had to put together a team to complete a project. What
did you do to put the team together? What did the team accomplish?

6.What have
you done as a supervisor to instill the Core Values and Department philosophy
in your subordinates? What obstacles did you face in instilling these lessons
and how did you overcome them?

7.What have
done to prepare your subordinates for promotion?

8.Tell us
about a time when you had to institute disciplinary proceeding against one of
your subordinates.

9.Tell us
about a time when you had to address a morale problem with your staff. What
caused the problem and what did you do in response?

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