Self care plan questions and journal entry. 2 short assignements

Assignment #1

Read pages 205–211 in Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services, and reflect on the research you completed in Module Five with regard to community resources.

Then, specifically, review the questions listed for self-care as it relates to the physical, psychological/mental, emotional/relational, and spiritual selves in Exhibit 2.2-14: Comprehensive Self-Care Plan Worksheet Instructions (on p. 209 of the PDF).

In your initial post, select and answer two questions that you are comfortable answering. Be specific and include strategies that are accessible, acceptable, and appropriate to your unique circumstances.

In responding to your classmates’ posts, suggest additional ways in which they can engage in self-reflective processes and identify additional strategies as necessary that may be appropriate. Finally, explain the professional and ethical implications of failing to practice adequate self-care.

Assignment #2

Review the following practitioner assessment instruments:

Select one of the practitioner assessment instruments and complete it based upon your own feelings in response to potentially working with the family in the case study.

In a journal entry, answer the following questions:

  1. What aspects of the Riverez case would create the greatest potential for compassion fatigue?
  2. What practices could human services practitioners adopt to reduce the risks of compassion fatigue when working with families such as the one represented in the case study?
  3. What aspects of your results do you believe are most important to consider and why?
  4. What practices do you plan to adopt or cease in response to your results?

This journal entry will be used to support your well-being in your professional practice, as well as Section IV: Practitioner Reflection piece of your final project.

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