Assignment 9

Polyamorous Relationships positive and negative mental and emotional affects from it.

Human Sexuality Presentation

This assignment is due on the first day of Unit 9. Be sure to review the assignment scoring rubric and the course project description before submitting your work.

For this assignment, develop a 20–25 slide presentation with presentation notes that explores the issue you identified in Unit 2. This is essentially a PowerPoint presentation. In the Notes section of PowerPoint, write the script for your presentation. The script should also include content and documentation explaining each individual slide, including citations of peer-refereed journal articles and any other resources you used to develop your presentation. This is similar to writing a paper and highlighting the key parts of the paper as a PowerPoint presentation—with the content of the paper being placed in the Notes section of the slide.

Note: With instructor approval, you may use an alternative technology to record and deliver your presentation.

For this presentation, you are expected to:

  • Provide a detailed description of the issue as it exists today, explain why it is an issue, and outline how it will impact your work in your chosen field.
  • Explain the role that anatomy and physiology of human sexuality may play regarding this issue.
  • Discuss how victimization, consumerism, ethics, morality, cultural mores, and laws impact this issue as well as the potential impact on persons with disabilities. (This would include myths the general public holds regarding the sexuality of persons with disabilities and the cultural implications of disabilities.)
  • Compare and contrast various methods identified in your research for addressing the issue.
  • Offer your professional opinion regarding the most effective methodology for addressing this issue, supporting your assertions with documented research.

Below is a possible outline for your presentation:

  • Introduction.
  • Context for the topic (2–3 slides).
  • Review of the problem as explained in the research (10 slides).
    • Caution: Do not report each study as a slide; instead focus on the integration of the topics supported by the different research.
    • Example: For a summary of the research on abstinence-based teen-pregnancy prevention programs, you might include many resources integrated into the notes, whereas you might use many slides reviewing elements of an evidenced-based intervention.
  • Recommendations based on the research (10 slides).
  • Conclusion (2–3 slides).

Assignment Requirements

  • References: Use a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles available from the Capella library databases or from online scholarly sources). Use recent literature from within the last six years, unless you have good reasons for using older literature and you state those reasons. Note: Textbooks (including your course textbook) cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be counted as part of the reference requirement. Textbooks may instead be listed as auxiliary sources, in addition to the 10 required references.
  • Format: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources.
  • Length of presentation: Your presentation should have 20–25 slides, with presentation notes in PowerPoint (or an alternative, instructor-approved technology).

In the assignment area, attach your PowerPoint slides so that your presentation can be assessed.

After you submit your assignment, you will review two of your peers’ workshop presentations in a discussion in this unit. Your instructor will assign you two presentations to review (see the discussion). (You are encouraged to respond to additional presentations at your discretion beyond the two that are assigned.) The goal is not to score the work but to respond to the content and generate questions for further examination or discuss the content as it may apply to an area of practice.

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