Chapter 8 “Using Time Samples to look at attention span.”

We will be looking at Chapter 8 “Using Time Samples to look at attention span.” This is another method/type of collecting evidence.Attached is a powerpoint I don’t have a book

You have 3 topics.

Topic 1

Please create your own Time samples. You can choose the attention span or other domain/development (perhaps, this might be useful for your DRDP). Make sure that your time samples fit the domain/development.

Topic 2

Read the section on “Attention.” What did you learn? Now, discuss how will you support children in practicing attention? (Page 199)

Topic 3: Knowledge, Skills, Beliefs

After reading this chapter, Discuss:

Knowledge: What kind of knowledge have you gained (you can list using bullet points)?

Skills: What skills you gained and how will you use the skills?

Beliefs: Why are the knowledge and skills you listed important to understand and recognize attention span and time sample.

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