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8.(Respond back to post 190-210 words) In this chapter discusses new tools to help make a fresh start with your new job and acquire some new working habits. It also discusses going for promotion, changing jobs, and handling layoffs and firings. The new tools learn about in this chapter will help you whether you stick your current career for a long time or decide to switch gears one or more times in the future. Whatever lies ahead, you have prepared yourself well. A great topic discussed in the chapter change your attitude, there is nothing like a new environment to give your attitude a lift.Your search fr a change may have led you back to school or to a new job. Also, change your focus is another great topic discussed in the chapter, now that being in a new job, you can switch your focus to something new present yourself as proficient in a new area. It may have been difficult to make new friends, but it was probably a great opportunity to redefine yourself. Another great point discussed in the chapter informal training, shadowing another more experienced employee by following that person around, watching what the employee does, and maybe helping him or her. Getting a mentor who is available to answer questions or give you assistance when you run into problems.

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