Management decision making

Management Decision Making Discussion

We all have different leadership styles. Consider teachers or managers you have had in the past—didn’t they all “lead” in different ways? Managers often take on different roles requiring different leadership styles, depending on the situation at hand. Working with an employee that is repeatedly late to work, does a minimal-effort job, and is disrespectful will cause the manager to make a decision on the future employment of this worker and take on a firm leadership approach in handling the behavior. Another example might be a manager looking for potential replacements for an open position within the department. While reviewing the employees on hand, the manager may take an inclusive approach to review current employees for possible promotions. This could all be done by the same manager in the same day. The style of management needed to fulfill the role required depends on the situation.

Initial Post: Answer the following questions:

  1. List the types of leadership styles.
  2. Discuss which style you prefer as the best approach to leadership and why.
  3. How does your preferred leadership style address HR issues like sexual harassment and labor relations? Explain your position on this issue.
  4. If applicable, apply any experiences that you have encountered.

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