Need answers to these two questions

I need detailed answers to these questions. The answers should be 1-2 paragraphs long. 1st question: Why do you think that Nzinga Mbema (Afonso) Continued to deal with Portugal after it became aparent that the end result would be more indigenous people being kidnapped and traded into slavery? His ambitions to bring wealth and prosperity to his homeland was well intened, however after the kidnappings of the people with full disregard to rank or position. I do not believe that trade and correspondence should have continued. If some of the local herbal remedies worked for some of the illnesses brought into the county by the Portuguese traders why ask them to bring medicines and more of their people into the country? It just seems as thought he was nieve in thinking that Poutugal would have any real interest in helping the people or the country as a whole. I think the fact that by the time of Afonso’s death the country had become unstable reflects his naivety with Portugal. 2nd question: Who do you blame the detrimental effects of slavery on? The obvious answer would be Europeans or those that initiated the idea, however could you see how the blame could also be put on African elitists? Or others who greatly benefited from slave trade? Why or why not?

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