PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (MKTG 331) Case Study (project) in Scanning the Marketing Environment

it is a case study for MKTG331 (PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING)

BOOK: Kerin R and Hartley S, 2018 Marketing ,14th Ed

McGrawHill ,

ISBN13 9781260157727 ISBN10 1260157725

Chapter 3 (Scanning the Marketing Environment)

every thing for this case study is attached below

for this case you should :

1-include a cover page to include all the names of the teammates who ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the case study

2- make connection between the case material and the theories we’ve learned in class


4-include relevant citations

Requirement in written: a cover page with title, course name, and date.It needs to be type-written, double spaced with 1 inch margin on all sides to allow room for comments.No hand-written reports will be accepted. Staple your paper in the upper left-hand corner.Always proofread.Make a copy for yourself or keep the file.Make sure to include all the appropriate citations of the work of others in the body of your text and in the reference section at the end of your paper (consulting APA Manual).

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