Reflection Assignment

The rapid growth of the older population brings forth opportunities and challenges for the world now and in the future. With the promise of a healthier old age, healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, will play a significant role in creating systems of care and services that enhance the possibility of healthy aging for people of all races and cultures across the life span. Continued attention must be paid to the recruitment and education of health professionals and direct care staff prepared to care for older people to meet critical shortages that threaten health and safety.


For this discussion, take the time to reflect on the course, and then write a short reflection. What have you learned from this experience? What areas most surprised you when it comes to aging? Which assignment had the greatest impact on you when it comes to promoting healthy aging? Additionally, take time to reflect on the course objectives shown below and briefly discuss how you have met these objectives.

  • Identify the implications of patients’ legal, ethical, and financial issues in determining appropriate end of life care.
  • Describe the physiological basis of pain and other common symptoms associated with aging and determine appropriate interventions.
  • Analyze pharmacological issues related to older adults.
  • Evaluate and select culturally appropriate interventions to assist in the grieving process.
  • Summarize theories of aging based on research evidence.
  • Assess the level of functioning in an older adult to determine appropriate services.

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