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Now that you’ve received feedback from your instructor, your peers, and possibly your writing fellow, and have discussed your project with your Team members, it is time to revise your Project 1 draft accordingly. But to undertake substantial content revision, you first need to have a plan of action. How can you decide on the steps you’ll take to improve the content of your Project 1 draft prior to the final deadline? Please take the following actions:

  • First, review the feedback you received on your rough draft. Do the various course members who reviewed your draft agree on the major revision needs? If so, what are they? Do they disagree? Where? Why? How? Spend some time making sense of and categorizing the specific feedback you received on your rough draft. Make a list of the significant content revision suggestions you received. Put this list in your own words (rather than directly quoting from the feedback you received).
  • Second, review the Project 1 assignment and grading rubric. Doing so should help you prioritize the revision suggestions. In light of the assignment and grading rubric, rank in order (from most important to least important) the revision suggestions.
  • Third, write a paragraph that explains your *specific* revision plan for your Project 1 draft. This paragraph can draw on the lists you created, but should not simply duplicate them. It is possible that you plan to undertake revisions that weren’t mentioned by the course member reviews you received. After all, you’re the author of your Project 1 draft. Your paragraph should demonstrate your ability to think critically about the feedback you received, your draft, and your own emerging ideas for how the draft can and should be improved prior to the final deadline.

Your revision plan should *not* address surface level errors or conventions: it is a given that successful writers carefully edit and proofread their compositions prior to turning them in.

Please submit (either attached as a Word-accessible document or pasted into the submission text box of the Assignment) your lists and written paragraph.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, being able to resee your own draft requires substantial amounts of Metacognition and Openness.

The deadline for this Assignment is 6/1.

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