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International Staffing Research Paper—

Introduction: The topic for this research paper generally describes a staffing-related functional area that is part the entire Staffing process. It is your job to zero in and create a sub-topic that is of interest or of value to you. There is a substantial list of potential sub-topics listed below this page.

Focus: This is a research-paper assignment that addresses the realities of the global labor market. There might come a time when you will be looking outside of this country in search of a position. You might also be working in human resources and find that sourcing and recruiting job candidates is not restricted to the area around you, but you can find excellent candidates in many parts of the world. And, it is entirely possible that you are a manager working with staffing to find the best candidate for the position. As a manager, you might have some of your own ideas as to where to find these important job candidates.

Summary: The topic for this paper is a general topic and you can take the direction around global staffing that is of the most interest and value to you as an HR professional. Produce a sub-topic that is important to you. Take the professional perspective. The paper should be, in total, five to eight pages in length.





Title Page

Include the title of your course paper, your name, e-mail address, school name, instructor’s name, date of the submittal, and class (HRM594).



Generally review what this paper is about and what the reader can expect to find inside the pages of this research paper. State the topic and why it is important. Potential topics found at the bottom of this page. The old advice, “tell them what you plan to tell them” applies here.



Describe what specific sources you will use to research this assignment. That will likely include using the DeVry online library to find primary sources, review of documents in the workplace, using the Internet to find respected sources, such as SHRM, professional journals, etc. Explain what you expect to get from these sources that are relevant to your topic.



What is the specific focus of the paper? Describe a problem, situation, real-world case, etc. that causes you to take this direction. See the list of Sample Topics below. What is the practical relevance of this research paper?


Literature Review

Summarize the scholarly research that you found on the topic. You must use no less than four resources outside of your textbook. Use primary sources.



What did you learn about the topic, both qualitative and quantitative? This is where you present the model you created or the recommendations that you have for the organization or the proposal that you will present to upper management. This is where you make your argument.



How do you interpret the results of your research as it relates to the specific topic that you addressed in the assignment? How does your research help the organization to improve in some way? How does the organization benefit from your results, the model, the recommendations, etc.? How do you expect things to be better because of your research and recommendations?



You must use no less than six resources outside of your textbook. That includes the four you cited in the Literature Review section of this assignment. Cite all sources. Use the APA style guide. All references must be cited in two places: within the body of your paper and on a separate reference list. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately.


A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Example Topics for This Assignment

  • Plan to source and recruit talent located in parts of the world other than North America.
  • Construct a plan to place specific company employees in a local operations site that is located in another country. Continue that plan to resettle these employees back in the U.S.
  • Formulate a comprehensive budget that explains the numerous expenses related to sending employees to work abroad for a given period of time.
  • Compose and then elaborate on the various U.S. laws that must be attended to when relocating U.S. employees in another country. Also, bring in laws that exist in a particular country related to allowing foreign workers to enter the country.
  • Set up a comprehensive document that helps an employee and spouse make the transition from the United States to another country for say, a 2-year period. This should relate to work and daily living.
  • Collect and describe all of the laws and issues that go into bringing a worker into the U.S. from another country. Take this from the perspective of bringing in an employee with a hard-to-find skill set. Create an effective onboarding process to help that worker survive in the U.S. for 1 year.

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