Strategic Plan Audit

Analyze two strategic plans. At least one of those plans must include a nonprofit organization; thus, you may choose to analyze a for-profit strategic plan.

The organization name: The Rebirth and A New Trend

Background helping drug addict teens and helping them with their Civil Rights.

Briefly, for each plan: 1.) give background information about the organization,

2.) explain the history of planning for the organization,

3.) diagram the process/timeline/ involvement of others used for the plan

, 4.) identify tools used for planning,

5.) describe how the plan attempts to meet stakeholders needs,

6.) describe how the plan addresses implementation and evaluation.

Conclude your report with a comparison of strengths, weaknesses, similarities, and differences of the plans.

Prepare a 25-page max formal summary of your findings, in a Roman numeral outline format.

Propose an alternative project where he/she is involved in leading a strategic planning project in an organization.

SWOT is needed.

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