Akers Social Learning and Social Structure

Summarize this theory that pinpointing the key elements of the theory in your summary. Identify a pop culture example that illustrates the theory (this can be a movie, TV show, play, musical, podcast, etc.) and explain your example’s connection to the theory thoroughly.

Make sure you utilize a peer reviewed source to assist you in summarizing the theory or in assisting your connection to your pop culture example/illustration since you are not arguing a point or side in this paper. Be critical in your organization, development, and analysis of your essay.

Please pay a close attention to assignment instructions.

• Original writing, authored by you.

• 1-3 pages in length.

• Double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins on all sides.

• Word format (*.doc or *.docx). • No cover page – header should include course information and your name.

• Identify necessary material used in the essay – for example, the film’s title, director, date of release, principle actors. When films are references in the paper, the film’s title should be underlined.

• In-text citations and a reference page should be included (APA format). • One or more sources – outside sources (meaning written material besides that which is required in class) – must be used. Peer reviewed literature is strongly preferred.

• Avoid using too much plot summary. You should not spend a great deal of space summarizing the film (assuming one or more films are the subject matter for the essay). Sharing too much plot summary is perhaps one of the most common mistakes that have been made with these assignments. Some plot/story summary is okay, but you are strongly encouraged to limit it to one very brief paragraph (e.g., three or four sentences at the most). Grading criteria for the reaction/exploration essays:

• Organization o Is there a clear thesis statement that controls and drives the direction of the paper? o Are the ideas presented in an orderly sequence that makes sense? o Does the paper have a lively introduction that invites further reading? o Does the paper have a definitive conclusion that draws the idea(s) together and leaves the reader satisfied?

• Development o Are the ideas explored adequately within the limits established by the thesis statement? o Does the paper avoid excessive plot summary? o Does the paper offer sufficient detail or enough examples drawn from the film and/or literature to clarify the major points and make them convincing?

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