Best three companies to work for in Los Angeles

This paper is kind of research paper. Limit your research to specific companies in the field of interest to you and to a specific geographic region where you would like to work in the future. After studying the information, identify factors that attract, retain, and satisfy employees. The field that I want to talk about is Finance firms

I have attached an example of the outline ( you should write the outline of the paper and attach it)

Also, this is some of the requirement:

  • Introduction (must include Statement of Purpose – define the purpose, scope, limits, and significance of report)
    • Sample Statement of Purpose:

“The purpose of this report is to explore possible locations for expansion. The report will consider economic data, general costs, consumer demand, and local competition. This research is significant because for our company to survive, we must grow. This report will not consider specific start-up costs or traffic patterns, which will require additional research.”

  • Discussion of Findings (with three main sections and 9 subsections; you need a minimum of one paragraph related to each of the nine subsections, so 9 paragraphs in the Discussion of Findings.)
  • Works Cited/References/Citations (3-5 sources) – formatting according to MLA format.

Make sure that the paper meet the requirement

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