Bring your BEST blog (URL) example

1) Please search for and review 8-10 different blogs that are housed on the Blogger or WordPress blogging platforms. (No Tumblr micro-blog sites, please.)

2) Post one blog URL (in this assignment area) that you think is an “outstanding” example of all the blogs that YOU reviewed. Then, in a short paragraph, explain why you think this is an outstanding or “effective” blog. Make sure your choice is a true blog, NOT an online publication or ecommerce website!

3) Be prepared to share your reasoning in the assignment space and in class. You should submit a valid reason WHY you think this blog (with a single author) is effective.

Be sure to SUBMIT the blog title and the URL link along with your paragraph explaining why you choose this blog in the Canvas Assignment space here!

Class Discussion on Thursday of Week 2.

HINT: Make sure that what you choose is actually a true “blog” post – not a website with a blog tab – a PURE blog!

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