Code of ethics, business and finance assignment help

According to the outline below to complete the 2 minutes’ speech draft (introduce and review) and the PowerPoint.

1. Our busses will be inspected on a regular basis for cleanliness and functionality, serviced twice a year and customer complaints regarding the commercial vehicles will be reviewed, inspected and handled by management in a timely manner.

2. Discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated and any discriminatory acts will be immediately reviewed and discipline will be given as necessary.

3. For the safety of our customers and drivers, we will have a surveillance system on each bus and will post notice complying with all governmental guidelines in respect of privacy.

4. We will respect all businesses in the public transportation industry, and will never partake in any unfair advantage opportunities by complying with all laws and regulations applicable.

5. Any violation of this code of ethics will be reviewed, compensation will be negotiated and served as necessary, and any further issues will be forwarded to the appropriate court for further investigation.

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