Ethical and Business Setbacks for Nokia, writing homework help

Please find “An Overview of Ethics.pdf” file attached. (CASES) – Choose either one of the cases you are comfortable with: 1. IBM–A Front-Runner in Sustainability or 2. Ethical and Business Setbacks for Nokia

Then, imagine that you have been hired to review the case to help the company involved to correct the problems that caused the issues. Develop a report that includes the following elements:

1. Analyze the case from all possible ethical angles

2. Discuss who is affected

3. Identify the legal aspects of the case

4. Identify legal versus ethical problems (i.e., something may be legal but unethical)

5. Construct possible solutions to the ethical issues in the case (this might include a training option).

Use at least three scholarly references for support. Your well-written paper should be 6-7 pages in length and formatted according to the APA Requirements.

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