Stance Essay on Preventing domestic violence, writing homework help

the paper must have the following:

4 pages

argumentative stance essay on preventing domestic violence

Uses third person POV throughout the paper.

Introduction includes compelling solutions on the topic.

Thesis statement includes 3 supporting reasons and fully expresses stance on topic ( clear)

Clearly wrote supporting paragraphs for each point from the thesis statement. Fully considers opinions or concerns of the audience.

Ideas are completely consistent, clearly and in a logical order.

Conclusion statement is compelling and has a powerful impact

double- spaced,margins are one-inches on any sides; and, there is a cover page. It includes all of the following elements: headers, pages numbers, indented paragraphs, and/or hanging indents. Body paragraphs include in-text citations, and attributive tags and signal verbs are effectively used. Two credible sources are properly cited with few or no errors. References page is correct.

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