04 Written Assignment – Measuring Risk

Module 04 Written Assignment – Measuring Risk

For this assignment, you will write a three to four page research paper in which you describe at least three ways in which risks are measured, including value-at-risk and credit scoring, in a manufacturing business. In this paper, please address the following questions:

  • How does Value-at-Risk affect investing for a manufacturing firm?
  • How might a manufacturing business be affected by credit scoring?
  • What other investment and financial risks are associated with manufacturing?
  • How might the investment and financial risks of your manufacturing firm be mitigated?
  • Does the firm have an effective plan for managing risks? Explain.


  • APA format, Two spaces after period 4 page min
  • Be sure to include an introductory paragraph at the beginning and a concluding paragraph at the end of your paper.
  • Because your paper is required to be more than one page in length, you should use subject headings to label your paper as appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that this is a research paper; and, as such, should be informed by your research articles.
  • Be sure to include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper.
  • You will need to include a reference page with this paper.
  • Be sure to proofread your paper to ensure that is free from all grammar and spelling errors.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Module 04 Written Assignment – Measuring Risk

Scoring Rubric:



Discussed the effect of Value-at-Risk on a manufacturing firm- what is VAR and what’s the effect


Discussed the effect of credit scoring on a manufacturing firm- what is credit score and how effected.


Identified and discussed investing and financial risks associated with manufacturing- ID/Discuss Investing AND ID/Discuss financial risks.


Discussed ways to mitigate investing and financial risks for manufacturing- How are they going to accomplish this?


The assignment met the minimum page length of 3 pages


The assignment included a brief introduction and conclusion, demonstrated the use of library resources, and demonstrated proper APA mechanics




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