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Within juvenile justice, the prosecutors have broad discretionary powers pertaining to which cases are brought before a court for formal adjudication. This prosecutorial discretion has been the source of much debate. Some scholars and media personnel maintain that prosecutors weigh far too many external variables extraneous to the specifics of a case in the decision of whether to bring a case before a court. Others assert that the discretionary powers of a prosecutor are intended to allow an attorney to weigh as many factors as are relevant as they make decisions regarding to the disposition of cases.

Using the Peak (2016) text and the Rainville (2001) article, examine the debate surrounding discretionary decision making. State your view on whether prosecutorial discretionary decision making should perhaps be limited. Additionally, state whether you believe it serves the purpose of justice for a prosecutor to consider facts external to the specifics of a case in their decision to prosecute an offender.

Peak, K. J. (2016). Introduction to criminal justice: Practice and process (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 12: Prisons and Jails: Structure and Function
  • Chapter 13: The Inmates’ World: The “Keepers” and the “Kept”
  • Chapter 15: Juvenile Justice: Philosophy, Law, and Practices


Rainville, G. (2001) An analysis of factors related to prosecutor sentencing preferences (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 12(4), 295-310. Retrieved from…

  • This article will provide information on the various factors that have been shown to affect prosecutorial decision making. Due to the rather broad discretionary powers of prosecutors and recent news stories pertaining to inequitable sentencing and prosecution decisions, the article highlights a very timely issue within the field of criminal justice. This article will be used to develop your discussion post for this week.
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