“Funding Small Businesses

Discussion Question…Provide references

  • From the first e-Activity, assess the potential pitfalls of potentially passing the Small Business Lending Enactment Act as discussed in the article. Suggest how these pitfalls can be minimized.
  • From the second and third e-Activities, take a position on the long-term affect these alternative financing options may have on small businesses and the economy in the U.S.
  • Week 1 e-Activity

    • Go to the Forbes Magazine Website to read the article titled “ Trusting venture capitalists,” dated June 16, 2005, located at Be prepared to discuss.
    • Week 2 e-Activity

      • Research the Internet or the Strayer Library for trends in financing ventures during the recent economic downturn. Be prepared to discuss.
      • Week 5 e-Activity

        • Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research a start-up business that experienced securities law problems associated with obtaining venture funding. Be prepared to discuss.

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