In psychology and neuroscience, study of the frontal lobe, writing homework help

In psychology and
neuroscience, study of the frontal lobe has revealed a rich network of
neurotransmitters and cortical regions that fuel some of our most “human”
behaviors, including planning, organizing, judgment and decision making,
emotional processing, learning, and language.

Write 2 pages
detailing some key structures of the frontal lobe and their function (or what
we know of their function). The structures you must cover are 1) the
ventromedial prefrontal cortex (including orbitofrontal cortex) and 2) the
dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. For each structure, answer the following

(1) What is the apparent
function of this region? (What does it “do”?) (2) When this region is damaged
or disrupted, how is behavior affected? (3) What neurotransmitters are
associated with this region? (4) To what other regions of the brain does this
region connect? (List 2-3 major ones.)

Cite two scholarly
sources to support your answers. These sources can be from peer-reviewed
journals or from trusted government or university sites

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