leadership and change

Provide a response (250 word minimum) to the following discussion prompt by the due dates listed in the Course Schedule by starting a new thread:

Both the readings and lecture refer to organizations belonging to an open system. I would like you to think about an organization you have either worked, volunteered, or are a member of, and then consider the following questions:

  • What is the organization and what does the organization do? What the organization’s inputs, activities (transformation processes), and outputs?
  • What organizations, groups, or people are affected by the organization’s activities?
  • What other external organizations or environmental factors (economic, political, social forces) affect your organization’s inputs, activities, and outputs? How do they affect your organization?

I want you to comment on at least two of the threads started by another classmates. In your comment, I would like you to:

  • Provide at least one additional example of an external organization or environmental factor (economic, political, social forces) that might affect the organization’s inputs, activities, and outputs? Clearly, explain how they might affect the organizatio

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