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Please reread this module entirely before writing your essay. This will remind you about what kinds of things to include so that you can earn an A. When in doubt about what to include, keep in mind that your goal is to demonstrate mastery over the course material and an ability to bring ALL the materials together (ie films/ videos and primary source documents/ readings). Do not forget to cite and to include all relevant sources for each question, or all the items listed in the “Essay Format” below.


Many events and factors helped to increase tensions between the colonists and Britain. We have talked about these as “seeds of the American Revolution.” We have covered quit a few thus far, and I want you to discuss FOUR events or factors that increased tensions between Britain and the colonists. Keeping in mind the four “seeds of the American Revolution” you selected, please answer how revolutionary was the American Revolution?

In your essay, be certain to include examples from the primary source readings, author lectures, and documentaries we viewed. Essays that do not include examples from these sources will be considered incomplete and will not earn a passing grade.


Your essay needs to have:

  • title page (your name and paper title go here)
  • complete bibliography
  • intext citations for all sources
  • page numbers
  • 12pt font
  • 1 inch margins
  • Please type the statement below on your title page. Be certain you have read it as you are held accountable for it.

ESSAY CHECKLIST: Go through this BEFORE you submit to ensure that you included everything

  • I have a clear thesis statement/ argument.
  • I was certain to include relevant examples from the assigned primary readings/ images, the films, and the author lectures to support my thesis.
  • I introduced all of my quotes and cited.
  • I did not quote from secondary source material, but instead I paraphrased and cited.
  • I proof read and spell checked the essay 3 times to be certain I did not have grammatical/ writing issues.
  • I took my essay to Hyman Hall for free editing because I received the following comment on my discussion post: “Don’t forget to proof read your work before posting.”
  • I put the plagiarism statement at the top of my essay
  • I have a title page
  • I numbered my pages
  • I used 12pt font with 1 inch margins
  • I have a complete bibliography

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