Speech Report

Report on Outside Speech

This report will be based on a live speech. The speech you choose to analyze should be at least 15 minutes long. Possible live speeches include classroom lectures, sermons, guest speakers at organizations or public forums, work-related training lectures, or motivational speeches.

The report should be typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman. Your paper needs to be long enough to do a thorough job of parts I and II. Simply follow the format below (Type “Part I” and answer questions 1-4, type “Part II” and provide a paragraph or two of your overall thoughts).

Part I

You will analyze and evaluate each of the following speech areas. You need to include examples to explain, illustrate, and support your judgements. BE SPECIFIC!

  • Describe credibility of the SPEAKER based on background and experience. You may include background information available to the public and your own personal knowledge of the speaker.
  • Speaker’s planning and adaptation related to the SETTING (location, time of day, size of room, special physical problems in the room, such as temperature, visibility of speaker).
  • List the characteristics of the AUDIENCE that impacted speaker decisions and how the speaker adapted to audience factors: number of people present, reasons why they have chosen to attend, level of enthusiasm for speaker and speech, degree of similarity of audience members (same age? Gender? Level of education? Job or career experience?)
  • Explain effectiveness of Decisions (Both decisions the speaker made while planning the speech and how those decisions were communicated with the audience).
  • Describe effectiveness of delivery (clarity, reinforcement of verbal messages, comfort of audience, impact on interest, etc.)

Topic: list the stated topic, fit of topic to audience, occasion, and speaker.

Thesis: explain the appropriateness and clarity of thesis either stated or extracted from speech by you; appropriateness and clarity of speech plan or approach speaker chose to develop topic.

Main Points: Explain appropriateness and clarity of main points either stated or extracted from speech by you (wording strategies used to label Main Points, and how they relate/tie in to the thesis)

Part II

Make an overall judgement of the speech you saw and heard. Explain and support your judgement.

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