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Teams have an important place in our personal lives and memories. Participating in teams is probably an indispensable life experience. A team should include various characteristics to be called a team. Team members have the same interests and goals. There is a hierarchy in a team: a team leader, outstanding members, energetic members, and followers. Team members are willing to follow the rules and have slogans and symbols and dress codes. They have a sense of honor, feeling proud of members of the team. They also have the feeling of family, standing together and protecting each other. These characteristics form a group of people to be a team.

I was a member of the volleyball team. There were 50 and more members in it, classified into four groups based on gender and ages. We were chosen by our coach after several tryouts. We practiced at least 3 days a week and practiced every day during the competition season, no absence allowed without a doctor’s note. We had to keep result averages above 65, no complaints and warnings from teachers, or we would get suspended from competition or get kicked out by our coach. These meant we could not break any school regulations and we could not piss off our teachers. We had to wear the uniforms and shoes every practice so that my teammates and I used to say the most clothes we had in our closets were sportswear. I can compare my experience in the volleyball team to Divergent. Discipline is needed everywhere, especially in a team. Even though Tris and I were restricted by the rules, I think it was a way to guide me to succeed. I never have trouble following the rules, it also helped me integrate into the society.

The relationships between my team were profound. We went through many difficulties and experienced failures and successes together. We encouraged and helped each other through the difficulties and failures, enjoying the happiness and successes. One of the impressed memory of us was we got punished by our coach. It was the first year we joined the team, all of us just met and lacked understanding. We were punished for doing ten push-up when one of us made mistake. I could not remember how many push-ups I did at that day, but I believed it was probably over 200. Our coach, Sir Lee, said it was a way to train our team spirit, which is helping and trust each other. We were not only had the sense of belonging, but also a feeling of family. We cared and loved each other, treating each other as sisters. I can compare our relationship to the greater. We were fitted in and felt like we were part of a family. We knew that we were not alone when we struggled and had difficult times. I felt more motivated and confident since I had them to get my back.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Only 7 main players, two middle hitters, two left side hitters, a setter, a sub setter, and a libero. Attending competition is a desire of all the sports players so that my teammates and I fought as the starter. There were 11 qualified teammates in my team, we were in the competition relationship since the first day we met. Instead of belittlement and jealousy, our competitions were in a healthy way. We made great efforts on the practice, extended the practice periods, improved strength and endurance, and corrected the mistakes as possible as we can. We were glad if one of us had improved because it also meant the chances of winning competitions were increased. Our coach evaluated us and decided the people were qualified for the competitions. The competition of my team was similar to the infighting in the Dauntless initiation. Team members need to fight for the chance of participating competition; the transfer from other factions being ranked and only the best are able to stay. I learned to keep my competitiveness all the time and it is an important value nowadays in our society especially for the university and job.

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