ethical dillemma scenario

  1. Identify an ethical dilemma from your clinical or work setting. The situation may be an example of ethical OR unethical behavior, or a combination of both. It may be an example of something that went well or something that needs improvement.
  2. Describe the ethical issue, including the client background.
  3. Describe actions that worked or didn’t work in resolving the ethical dilemma.
  4. Identify the ethical principles that were involved (confidentiality, non-maleficence, etc.)
  5. Identify three nursing interventions that would be helpful in resolving the ethical issue. These may include ethical actions that you actually observed, as well as any ethical actions that were missing from the situation.
  6. It is expected that this paper will be 2-3 pages in length (not including the title page), double-spaced. Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion and proper APA citations from any source material you use, including your text.

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